Oceans of structured & unstructured data are being created every day. Social Media, Documents, Email, Chat, intercepted Web pages etc. are cumulating every moment. Today's Analyst has access to terabytes or even petabytes of real-time disparate data, but without a proper analytical solution, the data stands useless. It would take analyst months to go through the oceans of data from social networks, banking and financial systems, travel databases, telecom data, government databases and all other vast data sources that are available. And that's just a fragment of the problems. To create actionable intelligence, it is critical for today's analyst to be able to correlate, profile and find patterns and linkage information, identify targets and analyze from the vast array of historical and real-time data available.

So, how do you find the needle in a haystack? We designed iAcuity and InteliCENTER to do just that

iAcuity helps analysts truly tap into open source information by building context and insights. In order to give the analyst a 360-degree view, iAcuity correlates data across domains and provides valuable insights

InteliCENTER is designed to help analysts make volumes of data useful. Whether from telecom, banking, travel, government databases or any other valuable source, InteliCENTER’s domain specific analytics modules will help analysts sort through all the data and create actionable intelligence.