Social Media Background Screening

Employees are the pillars of any organization. It is based on their credibility and potential that a company manages to reach the goals it has set for itself. Hence, it is needless to say that it is significantly important for any organization to understand the true identifications of its recruits. Research has proved that a proper background screening results in a better quality of hires, consistency in safety and security, improved regulatory compliance, enhanced company reputation and greater employee retention.

iAcuity collects social insight and conducts background checks on the recruit’s social account to check for any traces of history of malicious acts like aggressive or violent acts, drugs or alcohol abuse, fake educational qualification, discriminatory behavior or any unlawful activities that can goes against the company norms or can damage the reputation of your farm.

In the right legal environments, iAcuity’s thorough social analysis gives the organization a sense of an employee’s hobbies, preferences, believes, backgrounds of friends and family and also the posts and comments related to their prior employment, enabling organizations to have a better understanding of the needs and choices of their employees.

iAcuity aids an organization in accessing current and past social media data of candidates, protects the organization from hiring the wrong people, and makes the process of recruitment simple yet effective.

Multiple Data Sources:

iAcuity extracts data from platforms like blogs, forums, websites and social media in order to ensure maximum coverage of an individual’s social background and provide the user with a better scope of understanding of an individual.

Better Hiring:

A proper background check helps organizations to confirm that the facts stated by the employee are true. This certifies that the employee truly suits the requirement of the firm and has high probability of delivering according to expectations.

Reduced Scope of Bias:

While undergoing background screening, iAcuity hides race and gender information of the candidate from the screening officials. The reports submitted are therefore devoid of any racial or sexual discrimination, keeping the entire procedure unbiased.

Reduces Time For Hiring:

A thorough background screening delivers a vivid picture on whether a candidate is fit for being a part of an organization or not. It helps narrow the list down to only eligible candidates, thus making the process of hiring less hectic and time saving.

Only Include Relevant Information:

iAcuity highlights only data that is relevant to the norms associated with the process of recruitment of an organization. On one hand, it highlights information that shows the true nature of the recruit while on the other hand, it safeguards the privacy of the recruit and prevents them from being a pray of racial, social or sexual discrimination.

Create Actionable Intelligence:

Abiding by the hiring guidelines of the organizations, iAcuity delivers information to organizations that makes the process of hiring easy, simple and effective. It guides them to identify those potential employees that are capable of making significant contribution towards the growth of the organization.

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