National Security

One of the prime concerns of governments across the world is ensuring safety of people’s lives and property from crime and terrorism. Criminal activities and terror incidents have a direct impact on prosperity of the nation as they not only affect the livelihood of citizens at micro level, but they also weaken the economy of nation at macro level.

Terror strikes and serious crime needs planning and coordination before execution; in order to prevent them, Law Enforcement / Intelligence Agencies need to proactively monitor communication, transaction and events across domains, draw intelligence from them and act in time. They also need to put proper strategies and processes in place to predict and prevent mishaps. All these are easier said than done as security agencies are already overburdened with many critical responsibilities and manually undertaking the above analysis task is too time consuming and resource intensive, besides being prone to errors.

To address the above mentioned challenges, Xalted offers Proactive Intelligence and Analysis solution powered by InteliCENTER and iAcuity. These ingenious solutions are suitable for both strategic and operational usage. On one hand, it performs all tactical analysis in real-time and on the other hand, it empowers key policy and decision-makers in formulating their strategies and processes. These solutions equip LEAs to predict and prevent crime and terror incident as well as conduct post-event investigation. With these unique values, our solutions allow the officers to focus on their core investigative issues while performing all complex analytics in the background.

Preemptive Prediction and Control of Outcomes

Post event analysis is important to bring the perpetrators to book but, it’s more important to successfully prevent the crime itself from happening. Xalted’s Proactive Intelligence and Analysis Solutions are equipped with tools to enable the LEAs to foresee events by continuous trend and pattern analysis and constructing possible outcomes/happenings using scenario modeling.

Accelerate Informed Decision Making

What cannot be foreseen, cannot be controlled. Availability of plethora of data/information in pieces is not of much use until and unless it is able to provide a vivid picture via maximum situational awareness.
To decrease the crime rate, it is important to take informed decision at the right point of time while ensuring that the decision is based on sound analysis, evidences and information. These solutions deliver the desired visibility and real-time intelligence to the decision makers to act upon.

Seamless Investigation Process

Agencies are already burdened with large number of responsibilities. It is crucial to ensure that their time is utilized with high productivity and thought process is not hampered. InteliCENTER and iAcuity provides fast processing and easy navigation across analysis techniques besides smooth and uninterrupted user experience synchronized with analyst’s investigation needs.

Cross Domain Expertise

It is imperative to precisely understand the thought process and requirement of analyst personnel while designing a solution for effective management of the myriad data they receive. Direct interaction with LEAs and intelligence agencies across geographies while working on live cases has provided Xalted the detailed understanding of problems faced by them at all stages of the intelligence life cycle. Further, working with domain experts has evolved our offerings to perfectly suit analysis requirements of LEAs and agencies.

Empower with Superior Intelligence

Analysis has no value until and unless it leads to intelligence which can be acted upon. InteliCENTER and iAcuity empower decision makers with accurate analytical results which can be used to plan the next course of action.

Extract Knowledge from Diverse Data Sources

For holistic analysis, it is initially required to gather, process and analyze data from various domains before extracting knowledge. InteliCENTER manages structured data while iAcuity processes unstructured data types and the officials can compare and match the data from both the platforms to find the output best served to them.

Caters to Strategic and Tactical Analysis Requirements

Strategic and Tactical analysis all have important role to play in tackling serious crime and terrorism. InteliCENTER and iAcuity both consist of components for Strategic as well as tactical analysis.

Focus on Core, Reduce Burden of Non-Core

Most of the LEAs suffer from low personnel to population ratio. These personnel therefore mostly happen to be burdened with lots of responsibilities. Analyzing diverse data coming from multiple sources manually is a time consuming task and is prone to human errors. These solutions allow the analysts to focus upon their core investigation issues leaving the job of analyzing the data to the system, thus reducing their burden significantly.

Modular and Evolvable Architecture

Xalted has a Center of Excellence for continuous product and technology innovation. The modular and evolvable architecture supports incorporation of evolving inputs from various quarters. Our constant research keeps our product up-graded and on the same page with the latest domain developments.

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