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Xalted Profile

Xalted Information Systems Private Limited is a leading global provider of end-to-end Proactive Intelligence, Analytics and Revenue Maximization solutions that empower Law Enforcement / Government Agencies and Communications Service Providers to achieve competitive advantage by making smarter and informed decisions – thereby enabling them to create safer world (or reduce the magnitude and effect of global terrorism and major crime throughout the world), improve business performance, increase operational efficiency, maximize revenues and enhance safety and security.

Xalted is the winning combination of fundamental industry domain knowledge and established experience. We believe in achieving success for our clients through our extensive and proven domain expertise and leading technological skills that enable Smart and Informed Decisions maximizing results.

Terrorism and national threats, today has new found definition. It is a high value problem with possible impacts of national safety and well-being. It is supported by a new landscape that requires constant review and comprehension by the intelligence community with solutions that must produce with intelligence analysis and decision making capabilities. Compelled by the sacred need of providing examined and determined inclusive knowledge that must enable law enforcement agencies and the government with cognizant decision making, Xalted has become a key and trusted partner to such clientele across the world.

Xalted’s superior knowledge systems and a skillful force are working 24x7 with international intelligence communities and increasingly becoming, an unparalleled support system.

Xalted brings several National Security offerings to the Law Enforcement / Intelligence Agencies to empower them with proactive intelligence. An array of solutions from - Knowledge Curation, Tactical Analysis and Strategic Modeling systems- assist Law Enforcement/ Intelligence Agencies in their investigation as well as decision making process while equipping them with Information Superiority.

The cut-throat competition of today has forced Communications Service Providers (CSPs henceforth) to constantly review their business strategies, services offered and operations. To stay ahead in this fast paced environment, it is not enough now to provide innovative services and assure revenues through efficient operations. For a CSP it is now more imperative than prudent to Maximize Revenue rather than just assure it to gain that extra edge.

It is not easy to gain and retain the competitive edge for CSPs in today’s complex business environment. The challenges lie in all the stages of revenue generation value-chain from Pre-sales to Sales to Service Delivery to Collecting Receivables. Though, multi-dimensional in nature, the three major categories, which are confronting CSPs in their pursuit for revenue maximization are:

  • Business Analytics & Intelligence
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Fraud Management

To the Communication Service Provider fraternity, Xalted provides proven solutions for revenue maximization. With scalable and integrated solutions provided by Xalted, Communication Service Providers can maximize revenues despite a competitive business environment. On a technological forefront, Xalted’s solution offerings and legacy systems coexist with new generation systems and benefit from markedly reduced CAPEX without compromise on service quality standards.

Xalted Information Systems Private Limited was incorporated in 2001 in Bengaluru, Karnataka with its state of the art research and development centers in Bengaluru and Mumbai and sales offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Africa, Middle East. Xalted’s current customers include Telecom Operators; National Governments, their local & regional bodies; Law Enforcement Agencies, and large enterprises with geographic focus being in emerging markets such as India, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Brazil.

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